Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things on my mind

Today I bought new shoes for work. I've developed an extremely painful bunion on my right foot that is starting to make dancing very ouchy (which, as you may have guessed, is a big problem). Also, it has become apparent to me that both of my big toenails are going to fall off in the near future. Not a joke. know. Anyways, after months of just dealing with it (read: being to lazy to actually go and hunt down good work heels) I finally went out and shelled out money for some quality shoes. They were a tad pricey, but I did my research and they have received nothing but good reviews. Also, they are cute and vintage and kicky. I like cute and vintage and kicky.

In other news; I am currently painting my finger nails a lovely pale pink.

Also, can we talk about how I really suck at blogging lately? I have a "Young People Kicking Ass" post I need to type up and I just keep getting distracted by my life. So my goal, in addition to getting that post up, is to blog every single day for the coming week. Prepare yourself for some serious mindless rambling.


  1. I love those shoes, and I have the same problem with work heels except the problem is in my arches :( Where'd you find these?

  2. Thanks! I found them at Macy's but they are Indigo by Clark and are also available online. I worked at 8-hour shift in them last night, and they were super comfy. I'd definitely recommend them!