Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Contemplative and brownies.

Sometimes I wake up in my apartment with the hardwood floors in my full-size bed with the white and baby blue floral print bedspread and wonder -

"How did I get here?"

Sun shining through the big windows I love so very much.

When did I stop being a teenager sleeping in the sleigh bed I'd had since childhood, spending all my money on clothes and movies with friends and become an adult who willingly cleans the bathroom on a regular basis? And when did I acquire enough items to fill a household all by my lonesome? How did I come up with lamps, and picture frames, and a basket of cleaning supplies, and a food processor? Whenever did I become a person who would walk into Anthropologie and buy a butter dish instead of a dress? A blue butter dish that matches the red and yellow ones my mother has, no less.

It also matches the singular crazy blue wall in the kitchen.

Adulthood has crept up on me quickly and stealthily. And though I generally feel exactly the same as I did at eighteen, I can't deny that I've most definitely gotten older. I bounce back and forth on how okay I am with this fact, and usually settle somewhere in the middle with one side of me being desperately sad that I'm not twelve and can no longer spend a solid afternoon reading in my room and happy that I'm independent and carefree and young enough to still convincingly play a high school student in a movie. 

It's a give and take. 

Subject change. I haven't been on the internet for any measurable amount of time in the last few days because I, believe it or not, have been reading a book (maybe my twelve-year-old self is not so lost after all). I have found that lately I've been spending way, way too much time mindlessly surfing the internet so I made a conscious effort to only use the internet to send the required e-mail and such, and spend the rest of my time doing productive, positive things. I made a birthday present for my mom, did lots of cleaning, and spent an inordinate amount of time re-reading The Poisonwood Bible. It was even better than I remember it being in high school. 

I leave you now with this video of something you should go make right now. Ricky found this yesterday and we immediately tried it. It takes less than three minutes to whip up from start to finish and is way too delicious to be real life. Great for those times when you want a treat in the here and now, but don't want the responsibility of having to consume a whole batch of cookies, or a pie, or what-have-you all by yourself. In the (very distant) future, when I have kids, this will surely be one of those things that will elevate me to super-mom status in the after-school-snack department.

I just read the comment section of this video and apparently this concept is old as the hills and therefore not worth anyones time (foodie snobs, ugh). So, I apologize if you are bored by my discovery. However, if you, like me, aren't hip to this brownie in a mug concoction, please feel free to share in my extreme enthusiasm. I promise I won't tell anyone. 


  1. kate! I just figured out how to follow you so now these posts won't slip past me! haha