Monday, May 2, 2011

A post in which I discuss nothing and also I am hungry.

I'm feeling kind of blah and unmotivated today. It's not my favorite feeling.

Ten tidbits:

1. I spent all of my tip money for the last two days at J. Crew. Whoops.

2. I locked myself out of our apartment yesterday and consequently spent about 15 minutes breaking into the bedroom window. Which is about six feet off the ground. In a grubby alley. While wearing an audition dress and heels. I was a sight.

3. Have you heard of Marjoe Gortner? Because, if you haven't, you should totally look up the documentary "Marjoe" on youtube. I spent an hour of my life watching it yesterday and, like, whoa.

4. I may not have posted an actual entry in a few days, but I did do some site maintenance. So you can go check that stuff out (the little tool bar under the banner thing). Be sure and read the "About Me" section, because you probably don't know enough about me yet. (Sarcasm)

5.  I'm hungry.

I totally forgot this even happened. Sometimes I miss college.

7. If I were granted the ability to change one physical feature on myself, I would give myself skin that could be in the sun and not explode into a festive Ode to Lobsters.

8. I have never had a cavity or a bloody nose. I may be an alien.

9. When I was little I thought The Beatles were a children's band that sang lullabies. This is because my parents used to put on a Beatles tape for me and my sister to listen to when they tucked us in for bed. A reasonable conclusion to make, if I do say so myself.

10. Oh my gosh, I'm really hungry. 


  1. You've been crackin' my shiz up this evening... very entertaining!! Love it.

  2. never had a bloody nose!? weird! i had one today at work...bad news!