Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bathroom Madness

My project today (and kind of yesterday) was to do a tiny bathroom make-over.

Look what I maaaaade!

I have dubbed this "mushy heart". It began as ugly peeled away paint on the wall in the shower and is now ugly peeled away paint with the top of a heart kind of around it. It certainly gives the shower more character.

And love.

Value Village frames with hand-drawn diagrams featuring the many ways to make coffee and the recipe for a lemon drop, both printed on pages taken out of a 1953 copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The "H" book, to be specific, which Ricky found in the lost and found at school. The drawings are oddly his and hers.

This diagram (and actually this whole idea) is blatantly stolen for the Etsy shop girls can tell. In the name of giving credit where credit is due, I would like to announce that this design is not my own. However, I have a plethora of old books and drawing skills serviceable enough to suit my needs, so I didn't really see the need to shell out hard earned dough when I could just make one for my very own. Also, the shop is closed until June, so I couldn't buy a copy even if I wanted to. #justification

Printed on the "Hay-fever" page

Hers. An original design. I unfortunately am not as pleased with this one as I am the other drawing. I think I may percolate on something else I like to make into a diagram, but for now I'm keeping this one up for the sake of symmetry. I made a really cool one for my mom featuring a tea pot diagram, but tea is not really my thing. Maybe if I had drawn them side by side instead of on top of each other I would like it more? Hm...

Printed on the "Heresy" page.

So, that's it. I'm pretty pleased with the productiveness of this day. Side note: I put on Gangs of New York on netflix while I worked. I paid absolutely no attention. It's still playing and all I can tell you about it is that there is blood and Irish accents.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to have a brownie in a mug!

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