Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Girl With a Master Plan

I have had a small case of writers block lately. And it unfortunately has extended to realms outside of this blog, including, but not limited to, my facebook stati, twitter, tumblr, and the occasional text. So in an effort to combat this obviously very serious and crippling problem, I am going to write a little bit about the first ten things to pop into my head.

Okay. Here we go.

1. On Being a Misinformed Child: I've broached this topic before, but when I was little I thought that any song sung by a man that referred to a woman as "little" or "baby" were songs sung by dads about their little girls. For example, the 1961 hit "My Little Runaway" by Del Shannon was clearly about a little girl who ran away and her dad was very sad. Simple times.

2. Cheese is a really important part of my life.

3. I'm trying to buy a car right now. And by "trying to buy a car" I mean "Sometimes I think about how I really need to get a car, but the process is really intimidating and I almost bought one and then it tried to kill me and then I went to some car dealerships with my family and all the cars seemed nice enough but my dad did not seem to keen on them so I don't trust my own sense of what a quality car even is so I just procrastinate and hope a car will magically show up."

4.  Tony award-winning Broadway star Alice Ripley "liked" a facebook comment I made on a friends profile picture he had taken with her when he went to see "Next to Normal". Alice Ripley thinks I'm funny.

5. I think she's funny.

6.  I am irritated by people who say "sissy" when referring to their sister, old ladies at work who say "You look nice" every single time I bring them a drink - but never tip, anti-abortionists (anti-woman's reproductive rights in general), the Pope, ill-fitting clothing, weather that changes abruptly (unless it changes in a positive direction), and the fact that I will never tan.

7. I do like my hair though.

8. Ricky and I watched "Exit Through the Gift Shop" last night and it was RULLY RULLY GOOD. Even if you don't like documentaries (iluvdocumentaries) you should watch it. That Banksy, he's so funny.

9. I wish I was a street artist.

10.  I will probably never own a dog.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this totally random post!

  2. i totally understand writers block! You recovered well!!!! I LOVE this post! I just found you! :)

  3. I have writers' block pretty often. And buying a car totally sucks, I was awful at it!