Saturday, May 21, 2011


For those who were at all worried or concerned, I have managed to figure out a way to successfully manage stomach scootering. That show is tonight at 8pm, and two shows tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm and 8pm. You can buy tickets here if you are in the Seattle area and would like to come see this madness in action!

Also, I have something really cool to tell you guys. Today I performed in a promo video shoot with Quark Contemporary Dance Theater for the Northwest New Works Festival which we will be performing at in June at On the Boards Theater. I keep telling people about this festival and how awesome it is and how really exciting it is for me to be performing at On the Boards but no one (aside from those in the dance community) seem to grasp truly how exciting this is. Even my own parents seem to be no more excited about this than they are about the other stuff I normally do.

This picture is featured on the poster. I can't find the actual poster on the interwebs, so please imagine words and such and you'll get the gist of it.

So, to explain once and for all why this is so cool, let me lay it out for you. On the Boards is partnered with The Joyce Theater in New York City to bring exceptional artists from all over the world to Seattle and other parts of the U.S. AND if that fact weren't enough, the festival I'm performing in was just written about in The New York Times, which you can go read right here. AND ALSO in the article, they called On the Boards "one of America’s best theaters for contemporary performance".  SO YES THIS IS REALLY COOL.

Also, since this post is apparently going to be just me bragging, I finally bought a new computer yesterday! It's a macbook pro and it's beautiful and I just know it's going to improve my blogging and help me be more productive and force me to be a better person and generally complete my life.

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