Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tax Day

I had to pay taxes this year.

I am angry.

I honestly hesitated when I saw the amount I had to pay and thought somewhat seriously about not paying. But, in the end I decided I should probably be a responsible adult about the whole situation. However, when I think about the frustration and crying and angry phone calls and storming into Kent School District headquarters I had to do to even get paid in the first place (and by "storming" I mean timidly going into to talk to the financial ladies and then more crying), it just seems all very futile and hopeless. This is the problem with being somewhat self-employed.

I realize I shouldn't really be surprised that I had to pay taxes on my choreography income since I had to do it last year. And the year before. But, you know, it's never a pleasant thing to do. Also, I choreographed the most shows in a year this tax year than I ever have before, so naturally I owed more than ever before. Blerg.

*A note on the crying: I am normally not easily moved to tears about these sorts of matters, but the lack of payment occurred about a week after Three Days of Torture '10 that I posted about a few days ago. I had no car, plus a ticket from the accident and tow truck fees. I didn't even have enough money to buy food. These were trying times.

This was a very interesting blog post about my finances that I'm sure everyone was really excited to read.

Here is a picture of me, my mom, and Maggie in Italy last year. Why the date says 2004, I have no idea.

I wish I was there right now.

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  1. I feel ya on the paying taxes thing. I had to pay taxes last year and im not even self employed. It sucks.