Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here's What's Up and a Giveaway

I have some exciting new features for my little blog in mind. In addition to me blathering on about God knows what, I'll be featuring recipes I cook, fashion spreads, and interviews with people I like/find interesting. A new camera and computer are in store for me within the next few weeks, so things are about to get fancy. And kind of girlie. But mostly just fancy.

I'm currently wrapping up the show I'm choreographing, so with only two other shows on my plate plus work plus voice lessons, I'm CLEARLY in need of a new project. (That was originally meant as sarcasm, but it's actually true. I'm a workaholic.)

SO. What does that mean for you? Well I'll tell you. A normal post here at Blatheration gets zero comments. Zero love. However, according to my blog stats, I'm averaging about 20 pageviews per day. Not record numbers, but obviously SOMEONE IS READING. You guys, I know you're out there.

In an effort to get my readers to stop being creepy lurkers and say hello to me, I'm doing this new thing. It's called "Stop Being Creepy Lurkers and Say Hi to Me Giveaway".

The first five readers to comment either here or on facebook get a personalized art project made my me. That I will mail you in the mail. It will be pretty and you can frame it and it will smell like me you can cuddle with it. Sound good?




  1. kate; your writing makes me laugh, also I adore the 30 rock references. Now I suppose I move from "creepy lurker" to "creepy first commenter who commented it way too fast" ahhh alas.. :)

  2. Hi Kate! Im commenting becuase I like to read your posts and I love your creative talent-ness! And it's always fun to get creative talent-ness give aways :)

    You always have interesting words to read and fun stories to tell. So i also will move crom "creepy lurker" to "commenter"

    Love you!!

  3. me, me, meeeee! Also, you are a charming writer. <3

  4. i win! plus i get bonus points because I've commented before ;) i love your words and your stories and i miss your pretty face!

  5. Kate, my apartment needs some art inspired by you. I would love that hahaha. PS I love your blog, it reminds me of the good ol days of Trucker 5.

  6. I should get one since I carried you on my shoulders. Not that I'm calling you fat or anything...

  7. I should get one - since I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU!

  8. Kate, you are a talented artist. i have read everything that you have written to date. you are doubly blessed with Rickey. i wish i could give you a hung, both you and Ansley. you have left a mark on me and i will not forget her. i'm happy to read and follow you. pleased gary