Monday, April 11, 2011

I didn't buy a car today

I almost bought a car today. I've been searching for awhile for a car of my own and finally found one that fit my criteria on craigslist. I went with Ricky on Sunday to test drive it, it seemed great. Went with my mom to the bank today to get a loan, then went back to see the car again and take it for one more drive just to be sure. We were out on the road for literally two minutes when the car basically exploded. Accelerated when the brakes were being pressed, unexplainable shaking, weird engine noises, the whole nine yards. 

So. Yeah.

Not getting that car. 

I'm disappointed. This blog post was going to be about how I felt like such a grown-up buying my first car and all that. Now it's about me feeling like a turd because I nearly bought a disaster. I am now going to take a survey that's been floating around the blogosphere to make myself feel better. Because if you were friends with me on Myspace circa 2005, you would know there is nothing I like better than a good survey.

This is called the ABC's of me, or something fancy like that.

Age: 23

Bed Size: The technical word for the size of my bed is "full", but that does not describe the depth of awesomeness that is my bed. A brief history is as follows: I bought the vintage-looking cast iron bed frame at Ikea in 2008 but could not afford a mattress. I slept on a mattress pad laid across the slats for almost a year. Then one day my roommate Alli, casually mentioned that someone had thrown away a full size mattress in our apartment complex's dumpster, so naturally Ricky and I rescued it, dragging it through grass and mud to the safety of my room. So then it was mattress plus mattress pad. Then Ricky and I moved in together and he added his mattress pad. so now it's mattress from dumpster plus two mattress pads. It now shines like a heavenly beacon of comfort anluxury.  

Chore you hate: Laundry. I never minded this until I moved into this apartment that doesn't have a laundry machine in it with a boy who has lots of dirty clothes. Now I lug huge amounts of laundry around with a pocket full of quarters and I hate it. 

Dogs: I have never owned a dog. My madre is not a fan and Ricky is allergic. Also, I'm very apathetic when it comes to animals.

Essential start of your day: Breakfast. I have to eat right away or I get woozy and headachey. Also, on most days I work out in the morning. I feel really blah if I don't work out and getting it done right away seems to be the most productive way to do it.

Favorite Color:  Eh, I don't think I have one. I don't really like orange though, if that helps. But wait, no, I kind of do. Ah! I don't think I can not like colors. Or pick a fave.

Gold or silver: Silver for wedding rings. Gold for most other jewelry. And pirate booty.

Height: 5'6.5” Almost tall enough to qualify for ANTM, but not tall enough that I feel like an Amazon woman.

Instruments I play (or have played): I played flute all the way through high school. I also play a mean kazoo.

Job Title: cocktail waitress, freelance choreographer, dancer, actress, singer, bike model.

Kids: None, for the moment. I don't foresee myself having kids of quite a few years still, but someday I will and they will RULE.

Live: Seattle, WA

Mom's Name: Cecile 

Nickname: Technically "Kate" is a nickname since my actual name is Katherine, but I've always gone by Kate since forever so I don't really count that. Musical theater friends often call me Kate Monster. My mommy used to call me Kate-the-Great-on-Rollerskates.

Overnight hospital stays: I've never had to stay overnight for a personal ailment, but me and Ansley used to have some pretty rockin' hospital sleepovers in which we ate Pringles, watched Friends marathons, and I slept on the fold-out armchair. 

Pet Peeve: Er, I feel like I have so many, and yet I cannot think of any right now. I'll get back to you.

Quote from a movie:  I can't think of one. But I love 30 Rock desperately. Here is quote:
"The writers can't take a car service at night anymore. I've crunched the numbers and it's cheaper for us to just replace anyone who gets murdered."

Right or left handed: right

Siblings: Ahh, always an awkward question. I have two. Ansley, who passed in 2008, and Maggie, who is 16.

Time you wake up: Anywhere between 9:45 and 1:00pm, depending on how late I worked the night before.

Underwear: I buy the Victoria's Secret 5 for $25 panty deal all the time. ALL THE TIME. I really love having new underwear.

Vegetables you dislike: I like everything except olives. And I'm actually pretty okay with olives.

What makes you run late: Normal stuff. Waking up late, lolly-gagging on facebook, putting together the perfect outfit, staring at myself in the mirror...

X-rays you've had done: Both arms, chest, and teeth.

Yummy food you make: I love cooking, so I make lots of yummy things. But I think my favorite things are slow-cooked pulled brisket and the passed-down family recipe for spaghetti sauce.

Zoo animal: As I mentioned before, I am pretty apathetic about animals and therefore have not been to a zoo in many years. I think I like monkeys.

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