Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feeling a little snarky.

Quick post today. Just the important stuff, guys.

I finally figured out some pet peeves (See April 11th, letter "p"). They include people who refer to their medication, or medicine in general, as "meds". I believe I find this annoying because no one in my family ever used this term, so I heard it for the first time in late elementary school. Hearing this new slang for something that I had been using for the occasional head cold and stomach flu my whole life made it seem like they were cool with medicine in ways that I weren't. They took their meds every day. For really awesome things like ADHD and allergies. They were almost cooler than the kids with broken bones (casts!) because their ailments were permanent. They were worldly and hip and were on a nickname basis with inanimate objects. They made me feel dumb. They made me look clueless. They needed to shut the eff up about their meds already.

Also, people who begin statements about themselves with the phrase with "I'm the type of person who...". For obvious reasons.

That's about all I gots for right now. I'm going to to continue my recent streak of posting totally unrelated pictures from my facebook profile because A.) I like having pictures on my blog and B.) I'm not getting my camera until next week so this just has to suffice.

I'm just the type of person who needs meds, okay?

P.S. I'm not actually, nor have I ever been, pregnant.

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