Thursday, February 3, 2011

You and me, walk on, walk on, walk on.

It's another day off for me and today I'm mostly spending it trying really hard not to be pathetic. Forgive me for stating once again how boring it is to be broke and project-less, but it's really starting to drive me up the wall. I'm waiting eagerly for my background check to clear so I can officially start Mission Move to NYC, but until then (it takes 4-6 days) I've got to get off my ass and get things going. Get something going. Get ANYTHING going. I'm starting to feel like a broken record.

I stole this little survey from Amanda over at The Forever Endeavor. I just love me a good survey. Please to enjoy my answers while I wait for something more exciting to report.

I Am...feeling like my life is on pause right now. 
I do something exciting professionally. I am capable of so much more than I'm doing right now.  
I Have...a very painful zit in my ear. 
I Wish...that it was spring already. 
I Hate...boredom. 
I Fear...failure.
I Hear...The Postal Service. Reminds me of high school. :)
I Search... for the perfect find at my favorite thrift store. 
I Wonder...what the next few months will bring for me.
I Regret...eating that two-month-old fudge just now. 
I, food, good music, cooking - the list could go on and on.
I Ache...when I allow myself to acknowledge how much I miss my sister, Ansley. 
I Always...wear make-up
I the one who does the dishes. Ricky, you are such a sneaky chore-avoider. 
I Am Not...easily embarrassed.
I Dance...sometimes professionally.  
I Sing... a lot. Mostly show-tunes. 
I Never...go more than two days without doing some sort of exercise. 
I Rarely... listen to country music. 
I Cry...not often, but at surprising times. One second I'll be fine, and then something or someone will remind me of a memory or feeling and suddenly I can't stop. 
I Am Not Always... aware of my surroundings. Which explains why I crash into things almost constantly. 
I Lose...everything I put into my huge purse. It would eat my soul if I were silly enough to store it there. 
I'm Confused... about math. Any math. If it's numbers, I'm confused.
I Need... to make a hard copy of my list of goals and aspirations. 
I Should...clean that bathroom. It's been far too long. 

So tell me, who are you?

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