Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend of Mayhem

On Friday Ricky and I packed up our bags, cleaned the apartment, and jumped on a train to Portland for a weekend away in celebration of our five year anniversary.

When we got there, we did the first thing any normal, adult couple would do upon arriving in a new hotel. We jumped on the beds.

We also took part in a Walk for Choice, the national campaign dedicated to supporting Planned Parenthood and a women's right to choose. My friend Katya helped organize the Seattle walk (which had a huge turnout! Go Katya!) and I was really disappointed that we would be out of town for the big day. Luckily, we exited our hotel Saturday afternoon and ran smack into a chorus of rabble-rousing pro-choicers. So, naturally, we walked with them a little ways.

There was also an extravagant amount of eating and drinking. The hotel we stayed at (the super hipster Ace Hotel) was attached at one end of the lobby to a Stumptown Coffee shop. The other end was attached to Clyde Common, a very snazzy bar and restaurant. For those of you who don't know, Ricky's dream is to one day own his own bar and the bartender at Clyde Common just happens to be Jeffery Morgenthaler, a well-known bar tending blogger and one of Ricky's heroes. He was very nervous and kind of star-struck, but I forced him to ask for a picture. Jeffery was very gracious, as I knew he would be. 

All in all, it was a much needed weekend away. We screeched back into town just in time to watch the Oscars at my parents house (where there was more extravagant eating) and now I'm ready to get back to the daily grind of schlepping drinks and doing dances.

Oh. And some disappointing news. Tomorrows post was supposed to be really exciting and now it's not. At the end of Red Ranger's run (the show I did with Book-It at the Seattle Children't Theater) the producer informed us that they believed our little original musical had legs, and that its future might include stages outside of just Seattle. We were of course very excited. What this meant for us, however, was that our voices were needed to make a recording of the shows songs. Today was supposed to be the day that we traveled to Arlington to a fancy recording studio and laid down the tracks. Unfortunately, because of STUPID SNOW, we had to cancel at the last minute and hope for a time to reschedule. I'm super bummed. Bummed because not only was a going to be able to see the whole cast and band together in the same place again (a rarity in the world of theater), but because I was going to get to cross off one thing on my big list of life goals: to be on an Original Cast Recording. sigh.  Hopefully we'll get things rescheduled soon, but for today all my big plans are out the window and I'm a little sad. 


  1. I hope the recording thing works out for you. Sound like fun and a great opportunity for you.

  2. Fuck yeah, Walk for Choice! I was so excited when you texted me that.

  3. yay for pro-choice!
    so I'm moving to Seattle, or I should say back to Seattle, in a couple years. We're meeting up. End of story.