Friday, February 11, 2011

Nostalgic for tomorrow

Quitting Panera was surprisingly easy. I was prepared to work as much as my new schedule allowed, but they seemed quite indifferent to the whole matter to be honest. I'm working my scheduled shift tomorrow and then I'm free as a bird.

I watched An Education with Carey Mulligan this afternoon while folding laundry, and now I'm longing to do so much more than housework.

I want to travel to Paris.

And wear chic, glamorous clothes. 

I want cobblestone, spring rain, blossoms, literature, demure necklaces and leather satchels, afternoon tea, a real camera, schoolgirl pleats, romance and intrigue. 

I'm off to Oddfellows cafe to drink some tea, listen to Edith Paif, and read my Vogue before I meet Katya for dinner. It's the closest thing to Spring in Paris that Seattle has to offer. 

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