Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My life is awesome AND embarrassing!

Well, the Red Ranger Recording Session finally happened this weekend, to the extreme joy and relief of everyone involved. Not much else to say about that whole thing except for it was freaking awesome to see the whole cast together in one place again (I mentioned this before, but this practically never, ever happens. Except for as I typed this I remembered that I once choreographed a production of Hair that had a full run, and then it got invited to tour to Canada but one girl couldn't go so they asked me to join the cast because I obviously knew all the choreography. So in that case, yes, the whole cast got together again, minus one, and did the show some more. Also, it was doubly awesome because whoever was marketing this whole shootin' match advertised us as "The American Touring Cast of Hair" which was technically true because we were American and we were touring, be we weren't, you know, the actual American touring cast. But we got to sing on their morning news and feel like rock stars and wow this tangent has really gotten away from me.)


It was fun. I can check "Sing on a Cast Recording of a Musical" off my big bucket list. Also I got to see these adorable faces again.

And watch the Red Ranger of Mars do his thing.

All in all, a big success. I was really sleepy that day, because of work the night before (can I just mention that as much as I love making lotsa money, I do miss being awake in the morning time). Weekends are really wiping me out, because while it's the time that I make the most money, it's also the time that I have the most rehearsals/voice lessons/recording sessions. So I'll be standing there, feeling all groggy, and then I'll look around me and realize that even though my days are packed full of obligations, my obligations are usually really, really awesome.

So that's good.

I don't have a good transition here, but last night me and Ricky went out to the opening of Sun Liquor Distillery, the newest venture of the owner of our favorite bar ever, Sun Liquor. We had two drinks each, and although that seemed reasonable at the time, those drinks really sneak up on you. So naturally, on our walk home we decided we needed some good, greasy drunk food. Which lead us to Hot Mama's Pizza. Which was closed, because it was midnight on a Monday. BUT then we remembered that this one time we happened to walk by at just the right time, and the girl who was closing up shop gave us a box full of pizza that was otherwise going to be thrown away. So, obviously, snuck down to the dumpster in the parking garage, and lo and behold, there was a box full of pizza sitting on top. So we took it and walked home eating pizza the whole way and we were really happy. Did I mention we were kind of drunk? 


And now I feel like a huge fatty because I drunkenly ate pizza found on a dumpster and wrote about it on the internet.

Hi mom!

Also, fellow Seattlites, think twice before judging me because as gross as it sounds, I just bestowed the secret of free pizza on Capitol Hill. And I will add that Ricky and I both had roughly three pieces and neither of us got food poisoning. You're welcome.

That's all I got. Check back soon, more posts are percolating in my brain!

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  1. This sounds like a good time to review recommended food handling and personal safety guidelines!