Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am sick, and more nonsense.

OMG you guys. I'm dying.

Not literally (I hope), but seriously I am miserably, miserably sick. I started feeling kind of woozy on Saturday during rehearsal for Redd Legg, but I figured it was because I was tired from work the night before (despite the fact that I got seven hours of sleep, which is usually satisfactory for my body). My shift Saturday night was awful. One of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did, and then some. I started feeling definitely sickish as I was working, but again figured it was because it was my first time working graveyard and I was just sleepy. Then I woke up Sunday and I was dead.

Okay, not really. But, you know, kind of. Also, I sneezed eight times writing that paragraph.

I had voice lessons on Sunday, which went fairly well considering someone had lit an elephant on fire and stuck it on my chest. However, things descended into chaos as the day progressed. I met Katya for Korean food during my two hour break before David's rehearsal for NWNW, and ate practically nothing. I then proceeded to mistake not one, not two, but FOUR complete strangers for different friends of mine. Oh, hello hallucinations!

Anyways, today is day three and I feel pretty much the same as day one. I am angry that I have spent all of my days off laying around feeling crappy. However, last night I did make a delicious dinner AND chocolate chip cookies because I am sick and I no longer live with my mom and someone has to take care of these sick-time necessities.

Also, a girl disappeared from the UW campus on Sunday and still hasn't been found. It makes me really sad. She has a history of depression. I thought about it and decided that if I was in her family I think the better option would be for her to have been kidnapped, because then if she turns up dead there is at least someone you can pin the blame on and not be tormented with all of that "Could I have been a better parent/friend/sibling/pet" stuff. However, as a Seattle citizen I really hope she committed suicide, because if not it means there is someone in the area who is snatching people and I AM NOT OKAY WITH THAT.

Although, best case scenario would be that she just got really, really lost and wanders home very soon.

Sigh, I am so delirious right now.

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