Monday, January 24, 2011

Since I'm new and all...

I thought I'd give you some insight into my little life.


I like hot chocolate more than tea, and tea more than coffee.

I just tried to spell "coffee" with three e's.

I thought I was a size large for a long time because whenever my mom bought me shirts she bought them two sizes two big for me. I now believe it's because I grew up in the late 90's and she just didn't her twelve-year-old to look skanky. Thanks, Mom.

Apparently the word "skanky" is not an actual, dictionary-defined, word, according the little red squiggle appearing underneath it. 

I binge on my favorite foods until I OD on them and can't handle eating them any longer. Currently on my DNR list is turkey burgers with whole grain buns - a lunch staple in my apartment for the last few months. In happier news, enough time has finally lapsed for me to be able to enjoy tuna sandwiches and graham crackers again. Cheers!

Umm, not to brag or anything, but I have achieved my lifelong goal of having a six pack. It's only visible in certain lights (shadow play is important here), but that negligible fact is not going to stop me from proclaiming victory. 

I'm really obsessed with The Biggest Loser. Like really obsessed. I don't have TV, but in lieu of that I invested in both Netflix AND HuluPlus. Did you know that a single episode of TBL is one hour and twenty-three minutes? And did you know it's really hard to watch just one?

I live with my boyfriend Ricky in the middle of the city, and while we do not have any children or pets, we do have an upstairs neighbor named Space Keyboard Man who causes probably the same amount of pain and frustration (minus all the happy good parts about having kids and/or pets). Space Keyboard Man enjoys playing melody-less "music" (think Star Trek sound effects circa 1973, now with more pumping bass!) between the hours of 10:00 pm and 3:00 am, peeing off his balcony and letting it dribble onto our window, and avoiding the time-consuming task of using the front door by scooting the garbage can in front of our apartment and scaling the fire escape to get into his place. Also, his friends have seemingly elected to forgo modern technology (cell phones), and prefer to communicate the old fashioned way - standing on the sidewalk and yelling for him to come out and play. We just love him.

That's it for now. If you have any more questions about my life, by all means, ask away!


  1. I'm the same way with hot chocolate!

    Space Keyboard Man sounds lovely (note the sarcasm) :(

    Cool facts :)

  2. OMG your upstairs neighbor sounds like a nightmare, yet possibly a great story to tell people and a lot to make you laugh about!