Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Recap

I originally posted this on my tumblr, but I think it's an appropriate post for this new blog. I realize it's now nearing the end of January so it's a little late in the game for a New Years post, so let's just think of it as a reminder that some awesome things happened recently, and more awesome things are surely on their way. 
In all honesty, 2010 was great year. A lot happened both professionally and personally that made this past year one for the record books. Let’s see a month-by-month recap, shall we?
Look at those mad posin' skills.
Turned 22. Opened the show Pamelot: A Musical Celebration which was without a doubt the most insane, ludicrous, deranged (yet unintentionally hilarious) show I have ever choreographed, but for the best cause. It celebrated the works of high school drama teacher, Pamela Cressey, who was suffering from pancreatic cancer at the time and has since beaten it. While I wouldn’t want to repeat the experience due to the extreme disorganization on the part of everyone, the kids were wonderful and I got lots of chances to be outraged, which one of my favorite pastimes. 
Ricky and I celebrated four super-duper years together. I made my burlesque debut accompanying the gorgeous singer Black Cherry as a Cherry Bomb, and got to dance with some sexy ladies including the wonderful Ginger Lou and Lady Hendrix (aka Ricky’s sister, Kristine). I also unwittingly took part in The Worst 24 Hours of My Life in which one half of my front bumper fell off my car during a fight with a bush, I ripped the rest of said bumper off with my bare hands in the pouring rain, I almost broke my knee and DID break an industrial elevator with one epic leap, totaled my car pulling out of a parallel parking spot, shaved on inch-and-a-half of skin off my ankle which resulted in a wicked staph infection, and inadvertently broke my ipod. Good day.
Dance Major’s Concert 2010 opened, marking the last time I would choreograph for the UW dance program (at least as a student). I loved my piece, A Little Displacement, so much more than I ever thought I would when I began the process back in September of 2009. I apparently don’t have any pictures of the dance, but the photo above is from the DMC cast party, which was also a good time.
Took a family vacation to sunny Colorado for Easter to see my extended family, specifically my Grandma Sylvia who was very sick (and passed away soon after). Although the trip’s reason was sad, it was really nice to see family members, most of whom I hadn’t seen since Ansley passed (wow is my family depressing.) I especially loved seeing my young cousins, who grow leaps and bounds between every visit. Also, Maggie and I got to take some sweet pictures in the mountains. 
Opened Bat Boy, which was I think my favorite musical I ever choreographed. Amazing cast, great director, original scenic design, but most importantly I was really, really proud of my work. Scott Hafso, the director, gave me pretty much free reign to do whatever I wanted and had a great eye for what worked and what didn’t. Also, I got to choreograph a giant animal orgy, and if you’ve never gotten to do that, well you just haven’t lived.
After an insane and beautiful spring quarter in which I took 26 credits (yes you read that right), I graduated from UW on time and in one piece, much to the happiness of my parents and their bank account. The above picture features the graduating undergraduate and graduate students of the dance department. Much thanks to Tonya Lockyer (far right) and her class on Performance Art from the 1960’s to the Present, which was the most interesting, informative, and inspiring class I have ever had the privilege of taking. 
Moved out of apartment I shared with my best friend Alli for two years, and moved into a sweet new pad on Capitol Hill with Ricky. Started working at Gordon Biersch Brewing Company as a host, where they gave me barely any hours and made me wear outfits like this. 
Spent the dog days of summer dancing with Aeon Contemporary Dance, taking ass-kicking classes and doing fun photo shoots. Also I cooked a lot, went on lots of runs in Cal Anderson Park, did some hot yoga, and stayed out late. Man, I miss summer.
Although I was aware graduation happened, summer felt like it always did so it didn’t hit me until September came and Ricky went back to school that I was officially an adult. I spent most of September working at Gordon Biersch for no money and being nostalgic for textbooks and first-day-of-school jitters. (I apparently didn’t take a single picture in September, so please to enjoy this picture taken in November of when a leaky pipe caused a huge hole in our ceiling. Note Ricky’s angry face.)
 I spent most of the month commiserating over the fact that I was doing nothing with my life except for working at a brewery as a host, until the fateful day when I got a call from one Megan Campbell, a former UW drama major, offering me the chance at a part in Book-It Repertory’s production of Red Ranger Came Calling. Their dance captain had quit the first day of rehearsals and they were in a panic. I had to do a small audition as they were considering a few other people for the newly-opened role, but by that afternoon I got the call officially offering me the gig. Also, Ricky’s family got a puppy.
Performed my first concert with Redd Legg Dance, the modern dance company I’m in (which, uh, I auditioned for and was accepted into in September. Surprise!) This picture is from a previous performance that I wasn’t in, but gives you an idea of what their work looks like. Continued to rehearse Red Ranger. Ricky turned 22. Thanksgiving happened. Quit Gordon Biersch and began working at Panera Bread on Broadway. Pros: minutes walk from our apartment. Works better with my performance schedule. Way more hours. Cons: I have to get up at four in the morning. 
Red Ranger Came Calling opened and there aren’t enough words to express how wonderful this show was and how grateful I am that it was my first professional musical theater experience. I learned that I can totally handle a month long, six-shows-a-week performance schedule and still love every minute of it. I’m super stoked that I was able to work with Book-It Rep, whom I’ve long admired, and I am hopeful that this won’t be the last time I’m privileged enough to do so. The cast was beyond wonderful, and truly made this holiday season one I won’t soon forget.
So that’s it. 2010 was a whirlwind and I’m so excited to see what happens next. Bring it 2011.

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