Monday, January 31, 2011

Dirty little secret

I've been sitting on this for awhile, because frankly I was dumbfounded that my little, one-week-old, baby of  blog was getting any sort of following, much less receiving awards. But lo and behold, the lovely lady behind City Girl Chronicles bestowed me with the Stylish Blogger Award. In order to fully accept this award, the stipulations are that you must:

1.) Reveal seven little secrets about yourself.
2.) Pass the award on to seven more bloggers, and
3.) Leave a comment each one of those seven blogs.

Well. The first part I can do.

My Seven Secrets are as follows:

1.) For a long time I was convinced that I didn't like cheese. What. Was. I. Thinking?

2.) In seventh grade I detested my thick, bushy eyebrows but had a deep fear of tweezers and the unbearable pain I imagined they would inflict. The obvious solution was to take a razor to my forehead and basically do away with them. Let me make this clear: I used a RAZOR next to my EYEBALL. It looked really pretty.

Pre-shaved. (I unfortunately don't have a picture of the disastrous brow-mutilation. But look at my butterfly clips!)

3.) I think Zac Efron is dreamy. And before you claim pedophilia let me inform you that he is a full two months older than me. I checked. 

4.) I often embarrass Ricky (and probably other people too. Sorry guys!) by getting really excited about cool dance moves in public places and feeling the need to demonstrate. You're not really my friend unless you've sat awkwardly by yourself at a restaurant table, trying to look casual, while I rolled around on the floor.

5.) I know I'm really white, and that I like flowy dresses paired with a good pair of ballet flats, and that my ipod is primarily a bizarre mix of indie rock and Broadway show-tunes - but I honest-to-God think that I would make a good hip hop dancer. I really do. I got swagger. Seriously. Don't laugh at me. 

6.) This is not so much of a secret as it is a friendly reminder: I hate vomit. I have a phobia. It's legit. Please don't barf around me. 

7.) When my Grandma Sylvia died last year, it was discovered that my sister, my cousin, and I had equally inherited oil and water rights to a large amount of land in New Mexico. (At least I think it was oil and water. Details often elude me.) Originally our family owned all the land, but over the years bits and pieces were sold until these rights were all that remained. And who originally gave us this land, you may ask? Why, THE KING OF SPAIN. Hopefully this will put to rest any questions of legitimacy regarding my 2006 Kentwood High School Hispanic Scholar of the Year Award. I'm looking at you, Jos√©

As for the second and third stipulations of this Stylish Blogger Award, I think I will continue to sit and think. I've only been blogging for a week, and I just don't feel comfortable bombarding strangers with awards. So, for now I'll percolate on it and when the time is right, I'll strike. 

All this secret talk reminded me of this gem from Post Secret, which I will leave you with now as a parting gift




  1. Kate! I love that picture of you! and I also think Zac Efron is dreamy, especially in 17 Again...yes. :) PS - there is something for you over at my blog! :)

  2. LOL, I love the secret about shaving your eye brows!Too bad you don't have any pics of that! Happy blogging!