Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tra la la

Life is coming together. I got cast in a show ("Bebe" in A Chorus Line at Seattle Musical Theater. Three cheers for a paid gig!) and though rehearsals haven't started yet, the knowledge that soon I will once again be involved in something theatrical is reassuring. I feel like I can relax and really enjoy this bit of downtime  without stressing out about job hunting or auditioning or whether or not I'm going anywhere in life. I have a job that pays the bills and a show lined up through March. I'm quite content.

Speaking of Starbucks, things are humming along quite nicely. I've somewhat (as much as one humanly can) grown accustomed

Okay. Woah.

I started this post two days ago and was super into it, and then Ricky started talking to me and I got distracted and never finished it. And now I'm just not feeeeeling it, you know? Also, my friend Katherine came over for our semi-occasional-bi-weekly tradition of Tequila Tuesdays, so I'm obviously in a different head-space. A more drunk head-space.

And now I have nothing of interest to say.

Here is a picture of me.

In this picture I have bangs, a recent development. I hate them. I have recently taken to pushing them to the side, pinning them up, and generally pretending they aren't there. Also in this picture I have no nose.


  1. You could be an anime character with your big eyes and non-nose.

  2. Ha! Hope you got your nose back...the bangs look great! I too was thinking of cutting some again but took one look at my Grade-10 photo and put the scissors down. They look so effortlessly beautiful on some (you included), but on me? Like my 2-year was the hair-dresser. hmmmm....enjoyed visiting your blog! Janita