Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Headache Cure

Last Monday, at the beginning of my two-week mini break in between camps, I got a little headache on the left side of my brain. It was like my body had been storing all the stress from last month and a half and waiting patiently for an appropriate time to let it run rampant. It's been a little over a week now - and I still have the headache.


I mean, it's not constant, it comes and goes. But still. Someone mentioned that it might be a tension headache, which led to a dream in which it was actually diagnosed as a tension headache, but in dreamland a "tension headache" meant "hole in your brain".

My brain is weird.

Anyways, this morning was especially bad. I was starting to feel like a rich old recluse, a la Big/Little Edie, shut up in my apartment and being forced to lay down a spell anytime the pain got too great. Luckily Ricky got out of school early and made me to go out with him before we both had to go to work. And wouldn't ya know it, my headache went away.

Lil' Woody's Burgers. Burger heaven.

So, like usual, we wandered around and it was sunny and I felt better and better about life the more we walked around. Funny how that works. 

I picked up some cute little handmade cards with the intention of sending them off to my friends as a nice little I'm-thinking-about-you-and-I-love-you surprise (maybe a little inspired by the always inspiring Kelle Hampton). But then I realized I don't know any of my friends actual addresses. I know their e-mail addresses, and their facebook pages, and their tumblrs, and diligently follow their tweets, but when it comes to their physical location in space? You got me.

So maybe, friends, if you are reading this, could you do me a favor? Could you discreetly send me your address so I can discreetly file it away and then a little while later I will send you a lovely handmade card and you will get it and be filled with love and you can say "What a surprise! That Kate is so nice to think of me, and completely of of the blue like that!"

Yes, I think that plan will do just fine.

Oh, and those of you who sent me your addresses for the giveaway I did awhile back? I lost all of them. I over-zealously cleaned out my inbox of the literally thousands of e-mails I had stored in there, and my carelessness and eagerness to be finished with the task got the best of me. 

So, if you are one of those people, maybe you should resend it. 

 That's all. Happy Wednesday.

PS. My headache is gone for the moment, but I know it will come back. It always comes back. Does anyone have any real headache cures they want to offer up? I've been popping Advil like it's going out of style, drinking tons of water, and resting a lot. Is there something I'm over-looking?

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  1. supposedly a good old romp in the sack is a good cure...just sayin. ps you lost our addresses?! kate! haha. here you go. 3360 E Foothill Blvd #222, Pasadena, CA 91107. hope you are well...other than that dreaded headache.