Monday, August 15, 2011

Gotta get some words out.

For some reason, I think perhaps because I went so long without posting, when I think about writing a blog post now I get all twisty and nervous. Like, whatever I have to say won't be interesting or funny or blog-worthy enough to blog about. Which is just dumb. Not because everything I do is thrilling, but because I like writing and I like chronicling my life and that is enough. 

So there, self.

I have been wandering around the neighborhood some more, trying to break in the new camera (whilst avoiding looking like a creepy stalker taking pictures of strangers).

Side Note: If you have never seen a game of bike polo being played, getcho' ass to Cal Anderson park on Capitol Hill around dusk any summer night, settle in with some Molly Moon's Ice Cream from around the corner, and prepare for the most intense sporting event you have ever witnessed.

Other than that, not a whole lot new to report. Aching to dance more, to perform more in general. Still on the hunt for a daytime friendly job. Still counting down the months (nine!) until the NYC move happens. Oh, and Ricky has steadily been building his underground bartending empire.

PS. He's got his own blog now, so if you are alcoholically inclined, check him out!

And while we're posting links, I have a special one. I just woke Ricky up from a nap to show him, and while he was enthused he was also really sleepy and thus his excitement didn't translate appropriately. But maybe the internetz will care about me. Because some of my photo shoot pictures are up and I'm bursting with excitement!.

So go look at that, if you please. I'm the girl in the superhero outfit. You can't miss it.

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  1. Definitely don't put too much pressure on your blog posts! They're great :) and I'm off to check out your photoshoot :)