Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm still alive!

Apparently Blatheration went on a very brief and totally unintentional hiatus. Things got busy, I have a show happening this weekend, and just plumb forgot to post things. 

My bad.

I suppose a tiny update is therefore in order. The afore mentioned show is the North West New Works festival at On the Boards. Please come check it out if you are in the Seattle area and in the mood for some quirky dance, theater, and singing.

I still have my car and I still love it. 

I went crazy at Lululemon yesterday and bought shorts, pants, and a sports bra. I think that purchasing three items at another store would not normally be considered ridiculous but OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR CRAZY PERSON PRICES? However, Ricky bought me a Lululemon sweatshirt for Valentines Day this year and I love it and I think I will enjoy the things I bought. Also, I was having a little buyers remorse as I left the store, but then I got to my dress rehearsal and David (my choreographer) gave me my paycheck for the show. Which was 100% more than I thought it would be, because up until that point I wasn't aware that I was getting paid at all. So then I had some super surprise money and I felt better about the whole thing in general. 

Speaking of feeling better about things, I've been doing some pondering lately. Sometimes, if I've  had a bad audition, or if I haven't taken a dance class in awhile, or if I seriously think about the fact that I'm college educated and am working a job that doesn't even require a high school diploma, I feel a little squishy about the career path I have chosen. There is a lot of rejection, and a lot of financial stress, and a lot of working crazy hours at weird jobs. I came to the realization the other day (while driving my super fine car) that I'm a smart person, and if I wanted to I could probably be very successful at a more traditional lawyer, dentist, teacher kind of job. BUT THEN the Tony's happened and I was reminded that actually I didn't choose this career path. I was LadyGagaBornThisWay. I have to only do this. I HAVE TO I HAVE TO OR I WILL DIE.

woah, passion.

In order to fully demonstrate my point, I present you with the 2011 Tony performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I've choreographed this musical before, and normally when I see other productions of musicals I've done (even Broadway productions) I'm secretly like, "Psh, mine was better". But I will willingly admit that this choreography is fucking amazing. So, please watch this video with me (I've watched it five times today already). 

I actually don't understand how anybody would ever want to do anything else but this.


  1. My sister-in-law just saw this on Broadway! It looks amazing :)

  2. I am not a huge fan of the f word, but I am going to link to your post on my blog very soon because I am indebted to you for showing me this video. I just think for some reason the F word is offensive and even more wrong: overly used.

    It made me emotional. There is just something about musicals and bringing together the forms of acting, dancing and singing that make a girl melt inside.

    I was impressed with Danielle Radcliffe. Didn't think he would have it in him.

  3. oooooooooooooh girl. I just gotta warn you, by the time I finished your comment I was already taking out my hoop earrings and finding somebody to hold my weave, because I was about to get super ghetto "YOU DON'T KNOW ME, YOU DON'T KNOW MY BUSINESS" on your booty.

    But in all seriousness, while I'm glad you appreciate a good musical, I think that coming onto the blog of someone you have never met, or even spoken to, and publicly questioning their morality while simultaneously bashing their vocabulary is FAR more offensive than the occasional (and well-placed) f-bomb. It's like waltzing into a stranger's home and telling them you find their choice of wallpaper simply disgusting. It's unwarranted and unappreciated.

    (For the record, this post is the only post in the entire history of my blog that I have used that word. And I completely stand by my usage of it to describe that choreography.)