Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love Lists

We're just going to give up on that whole "I'm going to blog every day this week" thing. Okay? My schedule is just too sporadic and unpredictable to be able to reliably keep that promise. So stop hounding me. Jeez.

But, in all seriousness, I do love blogging and am sad that I can't do it on the regular. Maybe someday I will have enough time/creativity to think of something interesting to say every day.

However, in the meantime, I'm going to indulge myself and make a list-post because that is my new favorite blogging technique.

1. I'm currently eating chocolate frozen yogurt. This is okay for many reasons. The first being that yogurt is a healthy, normal morning thing to eat. And yes I do consider 12:36 PM to be morning time, thank you very much. The second reason is that I just bought a shiny new pink ice cream scoop and I needed to make sure it worked properly. (It does.)

2. Speaking of the color pink, I've spent most of my life denying that I am a "girly-girl", but I think it's time to face facts. I don't leave the house without make-up on. I basically buy dresses in bulk. I love musicals, floral print, ballet flats, ballet in general, doing my hair, and painting my nails. And my favorite color is pink.

I can't help it. PS. That's my dad in the corner. :)

3. I miss my girly-girl partner in crime. Alli, the lovely redhead pictured above, was my roommate for my last two years of college. After a horrendous first two years of college - shaky romantic relationship, crowded dorms, death of my sister - my two years living with Alli and her sister Tommie, were the best I could have asked for. We baked all the time, and went shopping, watched Friends dvd's like there was no tomorrow, and danced a lot. She is now living with her boyfriend Justin and teaching first grade. I love living with Ricky, but sometimes I really miss staying up late, melting chocolate chips and peanut butter to eat with bananas, and stretching together while watching dancing shows and gossiping. 

4. I just got distracted from writing this post by Faces of Meth. SO FRIGHTENING. DON'T EVEN GOOGLE IT. FORGET I SAID ANYTHING.

5. Geesh. Still recovering. Happy girly blog, happy girly blog.

6. I think we better stop before things take a turn for the worst. 

Happy Thursday?


  1. Hahah Faces of Meth is frightening, even more so since it's true :-/ And I've tried to deny being girly too but...gotta face facts sometime :)

  2. Seriously, It's so sad. It kind of kicked me out of my happy, sunny, June 2nd vibe I had going on.

  3. I consider myself a girly-girl, though not in the same ways as you since I don't always have time to put on make-up and I hate shopping. But I'm obsessed with the color pink and I love getting dressed up and putting make-up on :) And I have a ton of cutesy hair clips (that I rarely remember to put on :( )

  4. i'm trying really hard not to google it...

  5. haha, totally didn't see it going into that tangent!