Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A picture-less, pitiful, post.

Oh. My blog is sad.

I totally forgot to mention this in a timely manner, but I am RIDICULOUSLY BUSY and blogging has regrettably fallen to the wayside. While I am not happy about this, I am also not happy about the lack of sleep I have been getting, and the fact that my family is currently on vacation without me, and that I basically only see Ricky between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM on Sunday afternoons (admittedly this is an exaggeration, but that's what it feels like). So, you know. Priorities.

Why am I so busy? Well, I'll tell you. Back in December, when I was doing Red Ranger at Book-It, the pianist for the show noticed that I worked really well with the kids in the cast. He asked if I had any experience teaching kids, which I did, and told me about this summer camp called Stage Struck that his wife worked with. He mentioned they were hiring and asked for my resume to pass along to the camp's director. One thing led to another, and by February I was hired for four different camps, stretching over 8-weeks of summer. At the time I was working less than 15 hours a week at Panera Bread and doing not much else, so it seemed like the perfect summer job. I figured I would keep a couple of Panera shifts for the weekends and work Stage Struck during the week. Awesome, right?


Actually, I'm making this seem like this job super sucks, but it really doesn't. I love it. I love working with kids, I love teaching dance, I love musicals. It's just that between running around after hyped up wanna-be hip hop dancers all day and waitressing at night, there isn't a lot of time for anything else. In fact, this coming Friday I'm working a total of 17 hours in one 24 hour period. I. Am. Tired.

(hee hee I accidentally just wrote I. Am. Turd. SEE HOW TIRED I AM?)

Unfortunately, this stretched-too-thin, say-yes-to-every-job offered, workaholic mentality is pretty much my M.O. at this point. (If we harken back to last spring we may recall a time where I was taking 25 credits and choreographing three musicals at the same time.) The upside is that I'm able to save lots of money for the big Exodus to NYC 2012.

The downside? I end up with days like yesterday, stomping around angrily in my heels and tiny black cocktail dress, glaring at throngs of customers who dared show up at the dimly lit casino to push buttons for hours on end on the most beautiful Washington 4th of July in recent memory. Somehow the fact that it was relatively busy for a Monday night made the fact that I was working on the 4th all that much worse. Who goes to a casino on the 4th of July?!

I mean really.

Anywho, I'm hoping to keep blogging somewhat consistently, but at this point it seems like quite a lofty goal. I, of course, have no intentions of abandoning Blatheration, but I think things will be scaled back a bit for the time being.

Till we meet again, internetz.

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  1. Good luck with prioritizing everything! Have missed you.